The town of Rouffignac St Cernin of Reilhac is located on one of the highest hills of the Black Perigord. Land rights, tourism and gastronomy, this quaint village in the Dordogne offers many holidaymakers varied landscape of hills, valleys and forests, and offering them at the bend of each path, discover its beautiful nature. With its dynamic all throughout the year, Rouffignac Saint Cernin obtained in 2015, a star in the Michelin Guide and the Heritage and Sites Regional Commission awarded the town the Architectural Heritage Label twentieth century.

Les touristes peuvent profiter d’un exceptionnel voyage dans la préhistoire en visitant la Grotte Préhistorique de Rouffignac. Elle se visite en train électrique et permet de découvrir des dessins et des gravures vieux de 14000. Le château de l’Herm et ses imposantes ruines, situé à 5 km du village, vous ouvre ses portes. Ces ruines imposantes furent le lieu d’une succession de meurtres et de tragédies. Ces lieux ont inspiré Eugène Leroy pour son célèbre roman « Jacquou le Croquant.

Proche de Périgueux, Sarlat, Montignac, Le Bugue et Bergerac, Rouffignac-St Cernin de Reilhac est un centre local de commerce, d’artisanat et d’agriculture. Les commerçants de la commune sont nombreux et variés : commerce de proximité, grande distribution, vente à distance, marchés… Le secteur touristique, le secteur industriel, l’artisanat, les services, les commerces du bourg et l’espace commercial maintiennent le lien social important entre ses habitants (1600 personnes).


In Dordogne, the cuisine is listed as one of the treasures of its territory. His reputation exceeds, for a long time, the borders of France. A Rouffignac St Cernin de Reilhac, art is cultivated to eat good and happiness of simple and friendly local cuisine, often familial, made from local produce: foie gras, soups, mushrooms, strawberries, truffles

The town is known and recognized for many years, to the Dordogne, particularly in the Black Perigord, for its Sunday market and gourmet markets in the summer. Tourists and Perigord can find a wide range of local products. Between authenticity and tradition, local producers offer fresh products, sometimes organic, semi retains and preserves.

Staying in the village for your holidays, you are guaranteed to have highly satisfactory local services in quantity and quality: medical, health and home care, emergency center, police station, bank and postal agencies, businesses and supermarket. Rouffignac Saint Cernin has many sports and leisure facilities and entertainment reached its apogee during his many summer events, thanks to a rich and varied social life.

Therefore, Rouffignac St Cernin Reilhac enjoys a solid reputation life basin appreciated and renowned in Périgord Home Black Earth, supported by its Office of Tourism “Lascaux-Dordogne-Vézère Valley.”