Located in the heart of the Southwest, the Dordogne is full of spectacular and amazing places that are invitations to cultural getaways (prehistoric sites, castles, legends, landscapes and charming villages of characters), and sports; but also a rendezvous for Emergent gastronomy. Bordered by the Lot in the East and the many vineyards of the Gironde including that of the famous Saint-Emilion to the west, the Dordogne is world famous and recognized for its prehistory, its generous cuisine and terroir.

Dordogne: World Heritage

The Vézère Valley between Montignac and the town of Limeuil, including 15 sites are inscribed as World Heritage by UNESCO, was inhabited very early. It is studded with rock shelters and caves carved into the limestone by erosion: La Madeleine, La Roque St. Christophe, Cap Blanc …. It has more than 200 listed deposits. The caves are the first signs of artistic and spiritual vocation of our ancestors.

Ice Age Paleolithic is characterized by the presence in Périgord mammoths and & nbsp; reindeer which one can find traces of the paintings and engravings of several famous caves of the Dordogne (Grotte de Rouffignac-Dordogne, Lascaux,…). At this time, the prehistoric men lived in the limestone cliffs of the feet. That’s why the main prehistoric sites from the Palaeolithic found in the valleys of the Vézère and Dordogne.

The Dordogne, a sports ground and recreation

During different times of the year, many activities are offered to tourists to make them discover the treasures of Périgord: train rides or carriage, down the Dordogne, Dronne or the Vézère canoe or kayak, helicopter rides, hot air balloon, plane, mountain biking. Whether in the air, water, underground or walking the forest paths you will have a multitude of ways to discover the different facets of the department.

Wealth Périgourdine gastronomy

The gastronomy in the Dordogne is one of the pillars of the Perigord life. Every town and village has its markets of Perigord foie, truffles or mushrooms. There are many good restaurants in the Perigord. Do not hesitate to stop to taste it and you discover the local cuisine: its tourin, foie gras, confits, cheeses, desserts. Throughout the year, gastronomy (ducks, geese fat, strawberries …) is the queen of bustling markets. The Perigord is the privileged place of a multitude of Culinary Festivals and Events: Truffle Festival, Festival of nuts in Sarlat, Festivals of St. George in Périgueux, knife Festival in Nontron, …

The Dordogne valley is a place apart, where tourists love to savor its history, its gastronomy and lifestyle. Charming villages, caves and forests … you just need to look up, it’s all here!